Yadini Coffee Estate
Yadini Coffee Estate was established in 1924. The estate has a total production of 120 – 160 tonnes of coffee annually and it employs approximately 800 casual employees during the cherry picking season. Yadini has invested in modern and up to date equipment that will resort in the most advanced separation and grading of coffee.
Yadini key processes include;
  • Production of coffee at the farm
  • Wet processing
  • Drying and storage of coffee parchment
  • The locality of the farm is on the beautiful expansive slopes of the Aberdare ranges in the Central highlands of Kenya south of the equator and is is in the heart land of the main coffee growing area in Kenya well known for producing high quality coffee with black current flavours.
    In the sprawling Yadini topography, rich fertile soils of volcanic origin, a combination of Nitosols and ferrasols with plinthite layer occasioned by montmorilonitic clays are found. The farm is served by rivers and streams from the Aberdare ranges that merge to form a main river with abundant of water mostly used for wet coffee processing and irrigation. This water source known as the Ruiru river is conserved as is evident of indigeneous vegetation along its banks, sweat clean waters and aquatic life.The farm soils have been conserved through establishment of natural shade trees like the fig tree,Red stink wood, egyptian rattle pod and other soil ameriorating species like Sesbania sesban and Albezia.
    Soil humus is made available through establishment of Blue grass (Makarikariensis) that grows exotically within the coffee rows and harvested every season to form mulch that rapidly decomposes to improve the soil structure and also provides a very condussive habitat for the farms wildlife like hares, Dikdik,hedgehoges,moles and porcupines. The  combination of these flora and fauna offers high quality coffee growing under very sustainable conditions.The average production per year is 2.3ton.
    Harvesting is done twice in a year and the procedures followed are based on sustainability.

    Yadini Coffee Estate is managed by Coffee Managament Services Ltd (CMS), which is professional farm management company. A qualified and experienced farm manager runs the farm assisted by field supervisors and office clerks. An experienced senior agronomist from CMS Ltd provides advisory support for the farm.